Seiko 62 MAS 6217-8000 DIAL (FOR SKX 7S26, Turtle 4R36) C3 Lume

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First and foremost, have you seen any fully-designed 62mas dial in the market now with GREY SUNBURST and a full-blown c3 seiko lume? as in PURE mint condition?

Sadly, what dials you see on the market are unfortunately either

poor lume
not sunburst grey
just solid black
not good quality

And the genuine SLA017 dials per piece are really expensive US$ 179.00 each

SeikoLodi created a solution for the target market of 62mas dial fans and that is to create a REIMAGINED and a REEDITION of 6217-8000T that can surely fit most of the base modded watch like:

Dial Quality and Lume on this dial is mind blowing. Bright Lume and sunburst dial!!!

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