Customer Stories

Customer Stories

    • Customer looking for a “vintage” looking timepiece

      SNKN35K1 Seiko watchCustomer stories for SNKN35K1 Seiko watchA happy customer makes us feel we accomplished our mission and that is what this client is – a happy customer. He explained he wanted the square SNKN35K1 Seiko watch for men with an automatic movement held together by stainless steel band and because of its looks. The watch can also be worn on most occasions from formal to a casual setting. He also appreciated the vintage look of the Seiko watch. The Seiko watch can help customers highlight their personality as well. However, for this specific model, the client loved the sunburst dial of the watch. He mentioned it gives off a retro feel to his timepiece. Overall, this is one of those happy customer stories. The client now owns a watch that will help him accentuate his fashion and personality. 

    • Customer who loves an automatic watch

      Customer stories - Seiko Mount Fuji Heritage EditionAs a fan of automatic watches, out customers is all smiles after receiving his original and a Limited Edition Seiko Mount Fuji Heritage Edition. Apart from the Lumbrite hands and hour markers that would help you tell time in the dark, the 24 jewel watch has a second hand halt mechanism to help you set the time that you want. The polished and brushed stainless steel case material carries the Hardlex crystal and the Titan Bezel making the watch a sight to behold. It also helped that our customer loves the Seiko brand making the watch a perfect fit.

    • A Birthday Treat

      Seiko Pepsi SKX009Customer stories on Seiko Pepsi SKX009As our client celebrated his birthday, he had always wanted to have the classic Seiko Divers Watch so we gave him a great deal on his special day. The Seiko Pepsi SKX009 that has a 200m water resistance rating has been on the market for quite some time. However, its appeal and durability still makes it one of the top timepieces in the industry. This is one of the customer stories we would never get tired of sharing.

      A watch to match for a wedding

      Seiko 5 Sports Limited EditionCustomer stories on Seiko 5 Sports Limited EditionOne of our customers was going to attend a wedding. He wanted his watch to match his blue suit. This is the reason why he is all smiles after getting his hand on a blue Limited Edition Seiko 5 Sports Watch. He liked the watch for its simple look and blue bezel. It also helps that the white dial exudes a clean look. This is one of the reasons why make it a point to build a great relationship with our customers.

      Seiko watch and a Ramen

      Customer stories - Seiko SKX009Customer Stories on Seiko SKX009One customer recently purchased a Seiko SKX009. He was so happy with the product that he took us out for ramen on that same day! The client loved the legendary model that has been in the market for some time. He even had the option of choosing a more expensive brand. However, he opted for the classic. This is why we believe in giving out great service for all our clients. That smile (and the piping hot ramen) means a job well done!

      eBay Customer Review

      Customer stories - Seiko Prospex Turtle AutomaticOne of the struggles of eBay shoppers is finding the right seller who can provide quality products as well as quick turnaround for shipping. Even then, it is quite a challenge to get them to personally recommend a store. However, Chronospride is able to provide exactly that as one customer simply wrote, “Excellent Product. Fast shipping. Highly Recommended.” The purchase was for a Seiko Prospex Turtle Automatic and that combination of being recognized for the authentic watch sent out with fast shipping earned the trust and recommendation of a happy customer.

      Better than expected

      When was the last time you got pleasantly surprised? For us, there is nothing more rewarding than being able to deliver over and above client expectation. That is what one eBay customer experienced when they purchased the Seiko Prospex Padi. They said Beautiful Seiko Watch. As described, only better. Well packaged.Thanks very much. More than the great packaging, the customer was pleasantly surprised to receive an item where reality is better than what was pictured on the computer screen.

      Customer service at its best

      Customer stories - SEIKO 5 AutomaticMore than the watch, customers are looking for an overall shopping experience and that is one of the customer stories Chronospride is very proud of. One eBay shopper even went as far as giving us an A++++++++++” which we take was an excellent experience from the moment they saw the item to the time they received the shipment.

    • One satisfied UK Customer

    • Customer stories - Seiko Prospex Baby TunaChronospride offers original and authentic products at the most affordable prices attracting customers all over the globe. That is why one UK customer purchased the Seiko Prospex Baby Tuna and left an eBay review saying “Fantastic seller. Everything superb! Very happy UK customer. Top eBayer! A++++++.

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