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Seiko is one of the world-leading brands to manufacture highly elegant and appealing mechanical watches. With its Japanese heritage of watchmaking, Seiko has been a leading watch company in the industry.

Seiko watches remain one of the most sought after watches. If you are looking for Seiko watches Australia, Chronospride is the right place to buy your favourite watch from Seiko watches’ wide collection.

Seiko is a Japanese word, which means meaning “exquisite” or “success.” It first came into the limelight after the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. The first-ever wristwatch produced in Japan is “The Laurel.”
Some Of The Best Seiko Watches Ever To Grace The Wrists Of Both Men & Women
Seiko has been a prominent name in the watchmaking industry. Having decades of experience in the highest level of craftsmanship, Seiko has released some of the best watches ever. To name a few of the best Seiko divers watches and regular Seiko watches, we can include Seiko Baby Tuna, Seiko Turtle, Seiko Presage, Seiko Sumo, and Seiko 5 in the list.

Seiko Baby Tuna

Given the price of Seiko Baby Tuna, it’s the best line of Seiko divers watches. It’s one of the most durable divers watches you can buy in this price range. It features a 60-minute uni-directional rotating dive bezel. Its stainless steel bezel shroud around its case gives added protection to the dial and glace. Its weight of 202.5 grams indicates that it might be a heavy watch to wear, but it sits comfortably on your wrist. The locking crown is at four o clock’s position and doesn’t’ make any interference with your wrist, which means it’s comfortable to wear for a longer time.
Seiko’s own mineral crystal glass with superior shattered resistance is installed on this watch. It has reliable 200m of water resistance, which makes it a recreational diving watch.
It features an automatic movement with both hacking seconds and hand winding. Moreover, it has up to 41-hour reserve power.
So grab it now!

Seiko Turtle

Seiko Turtle is one of the iconic Japanese watches by Seiko. It’s also based on divers watch styles. With its retro shape, it brings back memories of the old days. It’s a throwback to the popular Seiko divers watch from the 1970s & 80s.
It has impressive automatic movements with a retro appeal to its design. Seiko Turtle is available in many variants, creating a comprehensive design and price choices for the Seiko enthusiasts.
The case is made up of stainless steel with brushed effects on the sides’ top & polished effect. Moreover, the retro feel comes from the cushion style of its case. The dial makes it a true divers watch because it helps you see time during its diving application. The hands are beautiful with polished gold accents, which glows.
Its durability comes from its synthetic mineral glass that’s scratch-resistant. The bottom line is that Seiko Turtle is retro-cool, and the overall design is bold & strong.
So buy it now!

Seiko Presage

A combination of Japanese aesthetics and Seiko’s craftsmanship, Seiko Presage is truly an example of watchmaking. The collection of elegance, functionality, and affordability found in this watch has just a few matches. Released in 2016, Seiko Presage became an instant hit. That’s all because of its versatility, elegance, and affordability. It’s certainly the right model for price-conscious Seiko enthusiasts that likes a bit of style, exquisiteness, and reliability in the same place.
For the Seiko Presage range, Seiko relies hugely on elegance and vintage look. The first-ever Japanese watch “The Laurel” kept in Seiko’s museum is the inspiration behind the amazing Seiko Presage.
Coming towards its machine, Seiko produces and installs its own mechanical movements in this range of watches. Other features of Seiko Presage include manual winding, stainless steel material, power reserve of up to 50 hours. The blend of power reserve and date display gives a modern feel to this watch, making it a great watch for both vintage and modern style lovers.
Seiko Presage range is comprehensive and features high-end luxurious models with highly elegant designs and affordable feminine styles. You can buy a Seiko Presage for as high as 3,000 euros and as low as 320 euros.
So when you are going to have one!

Seiko 5

If you are looking for a more modern and sporty, then a Seiko 5 is what you need. The complete Seiko 5 collection has 100-meter water resistance. These watches are inexpensive, and some of the most reliable and affordable sports watch you can take every day without worrying much about them.
All of the Seiko 5 watches have diver aesthetics, making them a watch-to-have in your collection. Some version of Seiko 5 features stainless steel covers while some have hardened steel. One of the models has a pink gold PVD coating.
Seiko 5’s durability comes from its Hardlex glass. It has a well-protected crown. Though it’s not screwed down, you can wear it and dive into water without worrying about its safety.
Its hands are filled with LumiBrite, which shines well in the night and makes it easy to see the time. You can change the strap or bracelet depending on the kind of occasion. Moreover, it can be transformed into a dress watch, sport watch, or a casual watch.
So give it a try!

Seiko Sumo

Seiko Sumo is among the best Seiko divers watch collection. For all the obvious reasons, it’s a heavyweight in the divers watch arena. Referring to its bulky features, patrons gave it the name of “Sumo.”
Seiko is one of the favourite brands of people who love wearing divers watches. For all the good reasons, Seiko Sumo became one of the best Seiko divers watch soon after its release.
Even as a mid-tier watch, Seiko Sumo has got the edge over other watches. It’s certainly one of the best divers watch. Moreover, it features bulkiness and is easily distinguishable because of its soft edges. Seiko Sumo has automatic-winding with up to 70 hours of reserve power in the newer movement. Previously, it used to be up to 50 hours.
In 2019, Seiko released an updated version of Seiko Sumo. It features a stainless steel case with brushing details & smooth polishing, giving it a shiny look.
Though it looks bulky, it sits down on your wrist with ease and comfort.
So buy one now!

Chronospride — The Best Place for Seiko Watches Australia

If you are a Seiko watch lover for their style, features, durability, and price, then you have come to the right place. Our collection of Seiko watches include some of the best Seiko divers watch and Seiko dress watches. In our collection, some top-selling Seiko watches include Seiko Baby Tuna, Seiko Sumo, Seiko 5, Seiko Presage, and Seiko Turtel.
Chronos Pride brings the best deals on Seiko watches for those interested in buying Seiko watches from our collection. So wait no more! Explore our collection of beautiful Seiko watches and buy the one you love to wear the most.

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