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Orient Watch originates from Japan. It needs no introduction to timepieces lovers. With its history going back to 1950, Orient Watch is one of the oldest mechanical timepieces manufacturers. Its elegance, quality, and durability are better than anything else. Looking to buy Orient Watches Australia? You have come to the right place. First, learn a bit about its history, reliability, and quality.
If you proudly label yourself as a watch lover, then you have already heard about Orient Watch. It needs no introduction because it’s one of the top three watch companies, making it mandatory for you to own an Orient Watch.
Orient Watch prides itself as the maker of the world’s most robust & reliable mechanical timepieces. It’s very uncommon that a watch company makes its own movements. Orient is one of the few companies that doesn’t outsource movements and produces on its own. Doing so enables the Orient to manufacture high-quality and durable watches. Orient’s watches are lauded for their durability, elegant styling, and high-quality build & design.

Orient Watches Australia — Watches for the ages

Durability & reliability are among the top highlights of Orient Watches. Our collection has some of the best Orient watches that will stay with you forever. Orient watches bring tangible value to your collection of mechanical timepieces. Be it Orient Kamasu, Orient Triton, Orient Defender, or any other timepiece by Orient — each watch is a perfect model of incredible watchmaking.
Wearing Orient watches means beautifying your wrist with the Japanese pieces of elegance & blazing glory. These watches have elements of both ancient & modern designs, making them perfect to grace your preparations for any occasion or festive you’re going to enjoy.
Since its inception, Orient is competing with its global counterparts and keeps producing pieces that rank among the best timepieces for their preciseness, reliability, and beauty. Orient’s collection includes contemporary, classic, and sports watches. Every watch is worth its price and something to wear with pride.

Orient Kamasu

Looking to buy Orient watches Australia? Orient Kamasu is one of the best, reliable, and beautiful timepieces you can buy that offers great value for money. With a hacking & hand-winding movement, excellent water resistance, sapphire crystal, and many other brilliant features, it’s an incredible value proposition.
It’s truly a crowd pleaser with all the qualities you can expect in an affordable dive watch. It’s a perfect piece to beautify a wide range of wrists. Whether it is the watch’s surface, case finishing, or lugs, Orient Kamasu is a highly comfortable watch to wear on any kind of wrist.
Having a coin edge, its bezel can be difficult to grip; however, it’s very smooth. It’s aluminium, making it highly elegant and durable. When it comes to its biggest highlight, the dial of Orient Kamasu is a killer and highly appealing to the eyes. Though you can find its many dial-in colours, the wine red dial is the best seller. The logo embedded in the dial blends perfectly with the dial and increase the overall appearance of the watch.
For its price, Orient Kamasu is the best dive style watch you can buy. Finding another dive style watch with the same value propositions will be hard-pressed for you.

Orient Triton

Your quest to finding one of the best dive watches by Orient watches Australia can be fulfilled with Orient Triton. With a solid stainless steel case, Orient Triton features incredible water resistance. Orient Triton looks large because of its size, crown placement, and the shape of the case. However, it looks elegant on most of the wrists.
You may not notice its beauty at first sight, but it truly starts shining after you give it a deep look. It comes in different colour schemes, enabling you to buy the one you find most attractive. There’s a power reserve indicator within the dial, which’s places uniquely, and it adds more grace and elegance to the dial. Sapphire glass is installed over the dial to protect it from any kind of damage.
Orient Triton comes with a stainless steel bracelet, making it a highly durable watch. Its size is 22mm, which is the common size. You can adjust the strap, depending on your wrist. Its true strength lies in its water-resistance capabilities. Its incredible potential against water makes it a brilliant watch to wear while doing recreational diving.

Orient Bambino

Looking for Orient watches Australia? Orient Bambino is one of the best classic watches by the Orient. It’s an affordable dress watch with a beautiful design. Though it might seem like a minimalist watch, its beauty lies in its simplicity. Given its price range, Orient Bambino has the best mechanical movements. Finding a better dress watch with the same budget as Orient Bambino is certainly a tough task.
It’s similar to its predecessors with a 40.5mm case, which is 12mm thick. It comes with a sunburst-effect dial and shiny hands. There’s crystal protection on the dial, which save it from dust and water. Orient Bambino is available in three different colours.
If you are looking for a simple and elegant dress watch in Orient watches Australia collection, then Otient Bambino is a great choice.

Orient Star

The die-hard fans of Orient watch consider this model as the best watch by Orient. It’s a highly sophisticated model with a price higher than other models of the Orient. With its high-end design, modern features, and technically advanced movements, it’s easy to understand why it’s costly than other Orient watches.
The most popular model in the Orient Star range is The Classic Star. Because of its versatile design, it syncs perfectly with all outfits. Regardless of the festive or occasion you’re preparing for; you can wear Orient Star confidently. It goes with all sorts of outfits.
The Classic Star is incredible in its design features. Starting from its on-brand sunburst dial protected by crystal, shiny hands & markets, and pure white dial — Orient Classic Star is perfect in all ways. Overall, the Orient Star range features an incredible collection of modern and sophisticated watches.

Orient Ray II

Another strong and durable dive watch, Orient Ray II, makes into incredible water sports watches.
It comes with the starburst dial. The design & build of this watch ensures that it’s both functional and appealing. It doesn’t just look good on your wrist, but you can see the time easily underwater. Its water resistance capabilities make it incredible extreme water sports watch. The covering of this watch features minimal details, making it easier to see the time underwater.
For its price, functionalities, and features, you will get a hard time finding another watch of the same category.

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Our collection of the best Orient watches include Orient Kamasu, Orient Triton, Orient Bambino, Orient Mako, Orient Ray, and so on. Give our collection a try and buy. Take benefit of our best deals on Orient watches!

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