Seiko Turtle: The Iconic Diver’s Watch with a Rich History

Are you looking for a dive watch that combines style, performance, durability, and affordability? If so, you might want to consider the Seiko Turtle. This is one of the most popular and beloved dive watches ever made by Seiko, with a distinctive cushion-shaped case that earned it the nickname “Turtle”. But what makes this watch so special and why is it so admired by collectors and divers alike? In this article, we will explore the history and evolution of the Seiko Turtle, from its origins in the 1970s to its modern reincarnation in the Prospex line.

The Birth of the Seiko Turtle

The story of the Seiko Turtle begins in 1976, when Seiko introduced a new diver’s watch for the Japanese market only. This watch had a depth rating of 150 meters, a black dial with large lume plots in various shapes, a day-date window at 3 o’clock with an English/Kanji option, and a 60-click unidirectional bezel. The most striking feature of this watch was its case design, which had a rounded shape that resembled a turtle shell. The crown was also positioned at 4 o’clock for better comfort and protection. This watch was powered by Seiko’s 6306A caliber with hacking and hand-winding features. This was the reference 6306-7000/11.

The following year, Seiko released a similar watch for the international market. This was essentially the same watch as the 6306-7000/1, but with some minor differences. The movement was changed to Seiko’s 6309A caliber without hacking or hand-winding features. The day-date wheel was also changed to English/Spanish or English/Roman options. The case back was also engraved with “Water Resist” instead of “Water Proof”. Other than that, these two watches were identical in appearance and performance

Some of the current models of Seiko Turtle are:

  • SRP77x: The basic models with different color combinations, such as black (SRP777), blue (SRP773), Pepsi (SRP779) and gold (SRP775)
  • SRPCxx: The special edition models with different dial designs, such as PADI (SRPA21), Save The Ocean (SRPC91), Zimbe (SRPC49) and Dawn Grey (SRPD01)
  • SRPExx: The King Turtle models with ceramic bezel inserts and sapphire crystals, such as black (SRPE03), green (SRPE05) and Save The Ocean Manta Ray (SRPE39)
  • SRPFxx: The new generation models with updated movements and dial designs, such as black/gold (SRPF77), blue/gold (SRPF75) and PADI Pepsi (SRPF13)

There are also some smaller versions of Seiko Turtle known as Mini Turtle or Baby Turtle, which have a diameter of 42 mm instead of 45 mm. Some examples are:

  • SRPC3x: The basic models with different color combinations, such as black/blue (SRPC35), blue/blue (SRPC37) and Pepsi (SRPC41).
  • SRPDxx: The special edition models with different dial designs, such as Zimbe No.10 Green Dial Limited Edition(SRPD19) 5and Save The Ocean Great White Shark Limited Edition(SRPD23)

I hope this helps you learn more about the different models of Seiko Turtle. If you are interested in buying one, you can check out here

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