Coin Edge Bezel Stainless Steel 316L Seiko SKX007 SKX009 SKX011 Watch Mod

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Material – Stainless Steel 316L surgical grade HQ Coin Edge Divers Bezel

Type/Design – 2018 REFRESH VERSION – Improved look and function. 100/120 (100 edges – 120 unidirectional clicks) coin edge bezel

2 Finishes – Super High Polish – Sand Blasted

Fitting – Direct replacement for OEM bezel no mods required. The bezel on some cases will be a little tight and pressing on evenly by hand may not possible in these instances a Crystal Press should be used to apply an even high force to snap the bezel on.

Removal is aided by a small champher at one point only on the bottom outer edge of the bezel – we suggest positioning this at the 6 0’clock position prior bezel insert installation.

Bezel Gasket – New gasket supplied already fitted*

Please note as SKX007 cases are made in 3 or possibly more countries (China Japan Korea) a very slight variation in size exists you may find in rare instances that the bezel may be a touch loose in these instances please fit your standard oem bezel gasket. You may also find they can be tight we recommend the use of a crystal press to ensure an even high force when snapping the bezel on – always try with the gasket supplies first.

Suitable for – 200M 0020 case type SKX007 SKX009 SKX011 SKX171 SKX173 SKX175 SKXA35 SKX401K


Finish Option

Polished, Sand Blasted

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