Crystaltimes Double Dome Crystal Sapphire SKX009 SKX007 SKX011 SRPD

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Material – Sapphire Crystal

Type/Design3 Double Dome Types available

CT037Double Dome (Domed Top – Domed Underside) with traditional Seiko “tool look” heavy top edge bevel. Suits the standard oem and aftermarket flat inserts. AR* available – Blue, Purple, Clear AR, No AR

CT037CIS – Specially developed to solve the unsightly step problem for the ceramic sloping/thicker sub type bezel inserts***. Double Dome (Domed Top – Domed Underside) without a large top edge bevel and a stepped edge design to ensure a smoother looking fit with the sloping ceramic bezel inserts. AR* available -Blue AR, Red AR, Clear AR** or No AR

CT037FDouble Dome. A slightly higher (0.6mm) version of the standard CT037 but with a stepped edge design and NO heavy top edge bevel resulting in a better looking/smoother fit for those who dislike the large Seiko Divers traditional big top edge bevel and resultant gap – suitable for the oem and aftermarket (metal or ceramic)  flat bezel inserts. AR* available – Blue AR, Green AR, Purple AR, Clear AR** or No AR

*All AR coatings underside only

*** CT037CIS is for the sloping ceramic inserts – 100% perfectly suited for the Yachtmaster types which are a little thicker than the other sloping ceramic inserts – Accordingly if you use CT037CIS with the non Yachtmaster type sloping insert the crystal in some cases may sit slightly above the insert – this can be corrected by adding extra insert tape which we supply with your purchase.

Ref dimensions – CT037 – Dia 31.5mm Total thickness/height 4.7mm

CT037CIS – Double Diameter stepped side 31.5mm/30.5mm – Total thickness/height 5.5mm

CT037F – Double Diameter stepped side 31.5mm/30.5mm Total thickness/height 5.3mm

Suitable for – SKX007 SKX009 SKX011 SKX171 SKX173 SKX175 SKX401K SKXA35

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Color Options

CT037 Blue AR, CT037 Clear AR, CT037 CIS Blue AR, CT037 CIS Clear AR, CT037F Blue AR, CT037F Clear AR

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