Swiss Watch Remains On Top Of The Watch Making Industry

“A Swiss watch is not made to simply tell the time.”

This is a common knowledge when it comes to Swiss watches as they are oftentimes regarded as the epitome of what makes a quality watch. Every timepiece is designed in a way that gives generations a timeless watch. The quality makes them one of the most sought stamps when it comes to buying a watch.

Some people would prefer to look at it from a commercial standpoint. They would argue that Swiss watch is more expensive due to the high cost of labor as well as materials. Add the fact that people believe that the more expensive an item is, the better it is compared to others in the market.

Swiss Watch Remains On Top Of The Watch Making IndustryHowever, you cannot deny the fact that Swiss watches are of different luxury,  pedigree, and calibre compared with other timepieces in the world.

Swiss watch criteria

In all these, what exactly qualifies as a Swiss watch that carries the standards it has been known all over the world for? There are a number of criteria for a Swiss watches set forth by FHS and here are some of them.

  • The technical development of the watch was made in Switzerland
  • The watch movement is Swiss
  • The movement of the watch is cased up in Switzerland
  • The final inspection of the watch is done in Switzerland
  • Manufacturing cost of at least 60% is generated in Switzerland

As for the movement, it is considered to be a Swiss watch if it meets these additional criteria:

  • The movements have been assembled and inspected in Switzerland
  • The value of constituent parts excluding assembly cost must be at least 50% of Swiss manufacture

After all these technical requirements, there are a few things that help make a Swiss watch stand out from the rest. Here are three of their most well-loved characteristics.

Craftsmanship from a rich history

It is not the first country to make watches but their ambition and determination in producing quality watches are evident in their products. There is also a rich history behind their watch making industry. It started from the établissage where components were made by externals suppliers to the time where they came out on top after World War II and at present where Swiss-made quartz watch is renowned the world over giving Seiko a run for their money. They have since reinvented themselves as being able to put out timepieces of extreme luxury and fashion.

Quality design

Swiss Watch Remains On Top Of The Watch Making IndustryA Swiss watch is made to last making them one of the most popular vintage collection pieces. Generations upon generations are able to enjoy them because of the design quality much like how the Luminox 3059 is made. For one, the links and cases are solid steel giving them a heavier feel on the wrist. This is better than hollow links that easily deform or those made of plastic and mix base of metal.

Solid steel is also more resilient to scratches and rust that is why most of them are made with 316L surgical steel. This helps it retain the polish and as it is more resistant to rust, you are able to keep the watch for a longer time. You can also repolish it easier making it look like new every time.

The crystal also boasts of a scratch resistant synthetic sapphire crystal like the one in the Wenger Sea Force the registers a 9 on the Mohs scale. The movement of a Swiss watch is also made out of metal gears. They are also hand assembled helping ensure the watch it put together precisely how it should be. The metal gears are better than the plastic ones as they can be serviced for a long time.

Luxurious appeal

A Swiss watch also takes into account aesthetics as an important component of a timepiece. The design mirrors both new innovations as well as a timeless look for the watches. The high-quality materials of the watches also come into play from the golden screws to solid steel components. Even the Tissot product logo is a clear symbol of Swiss quality and reliability. All these and more give a Swiss watch the edge in the competition.

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