The Picture Doesn’t Do It Justice: How Does a Seiko Baby Tuna Looks Like?

The Picture Doesn’t Do It Justice: How Does a Seiko Baby Tuna Looks Like?

Are you looking for a watch that you can wear daily and bring a distinctive fashion sense on your lifestyle every time you go out?

Are you in search of something that is light and comfortable on the wrist that it feels like you’re not wearing it because it’s not blocking any activities that you are performing throughout the day?

Are you looking for an everyday watch that will satisfy you if you are into diver’s watches? 

Rooting for something that runs accurately and keep excellent time? 

If yes, then you are in for the Seiko Baby Tuna in Chronospride Australia

What is a Seiko Baby Tuna?

The Seiko “Baby Tuna” is one of the new edition of the iconic dive watch from Seiko. It is a watch with a personal design that is recognizable among a lot of divers. Even if it is labeled as ‘baby’, it is a monster with its 50mm case. 

It has a specific case composed of a round stainless steel central part with a case called ‘scallop’. It also has a protective shroud which is made of stainless steel with a hard-coating that should be ceramic. 

The bezel is an old classic style, and it turns unidirectionally while its engraved with an hour long scale. It is made of metal covered with a shiny dark or blue lacquer (different colors comes in different versions) and huge white markers and numerals. 

This likewise goes for the dial. Since it has huge radiant records and hands, it is intelligible and useful device significantly for divers. 

Contrasted with the past version, unlike from being straight batons, this Baby Tuna’s indexes are currently round and triangular. 

What’s great about the Baby Tuna is that it is well-known for its self-winding movement and 41 hours of power reserve. It is ticking at a sensible 21.600bph. 

What are users saying about it?

Functional, tough, and attractive as well. What’s not to like?

Surprisingly, it is really hard to find a watch that is both rugged and durable but also refined enough to have a day/date window but this watch more than accomplishes the goal of having it. 

Some are fans of watches but also require them to be tough and functional. Most of the users are viewing the Baby Tuna as a special tool and not a disposable wrist ‘jewelry’. 

So far, the most favorite watch of most buyers over higher end ones. Some say that it is even more accurate than they Tag Heuer auto! They are loving the Tuna-like bezel shield…

Dive watches tend to be both larger in diameter and built with a deeper case to withstand the increased pressures they usually encounter. This Seiko Baby Tuna were smaller than its dimensions suggest it would. It fits comfortably on the wrist and doesn’t feel cumbersome. 

Another good thing about it is the face is bold, easy to read, and the bezel makes tracking time in short intervals easy and fast. 


If you are looking for a watch that can definitely fit in for the big guys, then look no more as Seiko Baby Tuna in Australia is the best choice for a diver like you. You can’t beat the quality and look of this baby and real-life users are saying it’s a ‘great buy’. See for yourself and get your wrists on it!

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