Why Do You Have To Get The Seiko Sea Urchin Among Others?

Why Do You Have To Get The Seiko Sea Urchin Among Others?

Are you a new Seiko watch collector?

Maybe it is the first time that you are planning to buy Seiko and you are checking your options?

Do you feel that you need to have a great looking classic watch with excellent build quality?

Perhaps you’re looking for something that can last for a long time better than your love relationships?

Kidding aside, this is the best choice that you have online. 

Look how this Seiko Sea Urchin review can change your mind…

Why do you need to get the Seiko Sea Urchin?

  1. This watch is part of Seiko’s 5 series. You get excellent value for your money.It is comfortable, looks great, and keeps accurate time. It is really not a diver’s watch and although it is rated for some water resistance, you would not like to submerge the watch as it doesn’t have a screw down crown. 
  2. Since it is a mechanical watch, it will wear and need adjustment as all of them do, but not for years with normal wear. Seiko uses their Hardlex crystal for the face and so far it has resisted scratches under normal wear. You can also wear the watch with both formal and casual attire. An excellent automatic watch all around for under $500….
  3. If you are someone used to mid to high priced Swiss watches, this was a pleasant surprise that would exceed your expectations.
  4. A very sturdy, beefy watch that is highly recommended if you’re going to be near or involved in any marine activity.
  5. All dial items are perfectly aligned, bezel is tight but easy to use as it clics nicely 120 times all around perfectly aligned with inner bezel and dial markers. The hollow end links of the bracelet makes the fit on the wrist much more comfortable than any watches.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I work in a cold storage facility and move 10-60 pound boxes all day would this hold up?

A: Yes, it definitely will.

Q: I’ve noticed that the rotor makes a noise when moving and I can feel it too. Is this normal with the 7S36?

A: Yes this is normal. If the watch keeps time well, then it’s fine. Watches with a more substantial case, like an SKX, will do a better job of hiding the rotor motion, if that’s a priority for you.

Q: Is it luminous? Or, any button (hand) can make it luminous in the dark? 

A: Yes it’s luminous and doesn’t need a button to luminate it.


If you are looking for a watch that can definitely work casually or even on formal attires, then look no more as Seiko Sea Urchin is the best choice for someone like you. You can’t beat the quality and look of this baby and real-life users are saying it’s a ‘great buy’. See for yourself and get your wrists on it!

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